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Celebrity Status April 29, 2012

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More and more celebrities are investing a lot of time into social media.  Many of celebrities have thousands if not millions of Twitter followers and Facebook friends.  However, time isn’t the only thing celebrities are investing.  According to March Communications many celebrities are investing in social media sites and apps.



For instance, Justin Timberlake has recently purchased a portion on MySpace in hopes to turn around the social media site.  Along with Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga just paired up with Tomorrow Ventures to invest in Backplane, a company scheduled to launch at the end of August.  This social media site called Backplane is a “sort of social network for rabid fans of everything from football to pop music.” And we cannot forget about the king of Twitter, Mr. Ashton Kutcher.   Kutcher is an investor in Foursquare, an iPad app and Airbnb, a website that matches travelers looking for a cheap room with homeowners looking to rent.  These are just to name a few celebrities.  It has also been mentioned that the popular heartthrob Justin Bieber has also invested in various social media websites.  As well goes for his ever popular girlfriend Selena Gomez, has followed in his footsteps and has also been said to invest in a few current social media apps and sites.



Celebrities are very influential in today’s society, from everything that is fashionable clear down to what is acceptable to eat.  With all of these famous people investing into social media, there is no doubt that social media is here to stay.  (I’ll be very interested to see if Justin Timberlake is able to turn MySpace around!)


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