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The Dangers of Facebook February 26, 2012

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Many of us have had Facebook for years, along with other social media sites such as; twitter, foursquare and even MySpace (back in the day).  But along with any social media site, it is important to take precautions.  I currently just read an article called The Dangers of Facebook.  This article concentrated on giving a few helpful safety hints to the users of Facebook.



This is what they suggested…

▪   Consider restricting access to your profile. If the site allows it, it’s a good idea to limit access to your profile. Don’t allow strangers to learn everything they can about you. It’s just not safe.

▪   Keep your private information private. Never post your full name, Social Security number, address, phone number, full birth date, financial information, or schedule. These will make you vulnerable to identity thieves, scams, burglars, or worse.

▪   Choose a screen name that is different from your real name. Avoid using any personal information that would help someone identify or locate you offline.

▪   Think twice before posting your photo. Photos can be used to identify you offline. They can also be altered or shared without your knowledge.

▪   Don’t post information that makes you vulnerable to a physical attack. Revealing where you plan to meet your friends, your class schedule, or your street address is almost an open invitation for someone to find you. Remember that a photo in front of the Co-op tells strangers you are in Austin, and quite likely at the university.

▪   Use your common sense. If you are contacted by a stranger online, find out if any of your established friends know the person, or run an online search on them (after all, you can use these things to your own benefit too!). If you agree to meet them, make it in a public place and invite others to join you.

▪   Trust your instincts. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable during an online interaction, don’t continue the dialogue. Report any offensive behavior to the social networking Web site administrators.

▪   Be suspicious. Don’t take any information you receive from a new online contact at face value. The Internet makes it easy for people to say or do things they would never say or do in public or in face-to-face interactions. Protecting yourself is the smart thing to do.



As with any social network sites, it is important to remember to not post anything you wouldn’t want to show your employer or future employer, everything that is on the web, is there to stay.  I am a strong believer in using social media to network and improve your businesses.  But you always have to be careful when giving out any personal information or photos.  Always be smart when using social media.


The Future of Event Planning and Social Media

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I am currently a senior at Creighton University in the journalism department.  I am majoring in both Public Relations and Advertising with a Business Minor.  Although as a second semester senior I would be happy to get a job in general, my passion is in event planning.  I would love to eventually be a successful event planner and start my own company.  After having numerous event planning internships there is no doubt in my mind that, that is exactly what I want to do.  Whether I am planning; parties, fashion shows, or children’s birthdays, event planning is what I want to do.



I recently read an article pertaining to how event planners use social media to better expand their business, and gain attention to their events.   I thought it would be helpful to share this article with other social media enthusiasts and event planners.  The articles title itself, is very self-explanatory, The Future of Event Planning and Social Media.




“…What we’re seeing is more integration of social media into their lives as a way to promote their services, plan and promote events, and bring the conversation full circle from the virtual world to real life.”



The article implies that many event planners use social media to reach out to attendees, publicize their event, and of course draw more attention to their cause to gain more attendees.  Social media is changing the way event planner reach out to their clients and their guests.  It is a great way to network and draw up business.  Social media is impacting everything event planners do, in a positive way of course!


“Eight Ways Social Business and Mobil Tech Are Changing Your Business” February 24, 2012

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I recently ran across an article on the web, “Eight Ways Social Business and Mobile Tech Are Changing Your Business.”  I found this article particularly interesting for social media users.



This article shares with readers how much social media and mobile networking has already changed how businesses work, and how much it will continue to change business operations in the future.  This is due to the fact that social media will only continue to grow and gain even more loyal users.



I found this web article especially helpful for current employers and business owners.  The article shows signs that your company will depend on whether it is willing to continually invest and adapt to fundamental changes in consumer mobile and social behavior over the next decade.



Here are eight ways the business landscape will change:

  • Your purchase funnel becomes more complex and mutable
  • Your employees need new skills
  • You must be (or try to be) early adopters or face dire consequences
  • Your products must be social
  • You must prepare for significant shifts in people’s perceptions of ownership and status
  • You must show consumers what you stand for, not just what you sell or make
  • Your enterprise must prepare to be on the right side of a new wave of disintermediation and reinter mediation
  • You must prepare for consumers empowered with greater information about you, competitors and their own money



This article continues to go into depth about each of these points and how to use them to your advantage! All business owners and entrepreneurs should definitely read it; it won’t let you down, in today’s changing society.


Social Media for Good February 20, 2012

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Being fluent in the language of social media is crucial in today’s current society.  Social Media is


used for an array of different things, such as; advertising, promotions and personal use.  Social


Media for Good helped small businesses and employees to learn and become more comfortable


with social media.



Attendees were able to ask questions to well qualified social media enthusiasts.  This was helpful


for attendees to see how social media is beneficial to them and their everyday lives.  (Both business


and even personal.) They also had the opportunity to get personal help from everything such as


getting started, to perfecting their social media skills.



It was interesting to hear how small businesses have been able to expand their business through


social media.   One company for example gets most of its “hype” through twitter and their Facebook


page.  This is something that you would have never heard of in the past.



It seems as though every business is jumping on the social media “bandwagon.”  So much so, that


it is almost necessary to know social media.  Even our parents who were not raised using social


media, must now be fluent in the social media language.  There is a growing amount of parents on


Facebook, twitter and many others.


Google+ or Facebook? February 6, 2012

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When Google+ was first announced to the public, it was said to be the so-called “Facebook killer.”  So far, that hasn’t happened, but why is that?



It is apparent that both Google+ and Facebook share many similar qualities and characteristics to one another. Using both social networking sites you have the ability to create posts and leave comments on what others post, you have friends and acquaintances using both, and you can upload pictures to both Facebook and Google+.



Given the fact that both social networking sites are so similar, why has Facebook remained on top?  As a college student who has used Facebook for many years, I believe the reason is due to the fact that everyone is already comfortable with Facebook.  For some people creating a Facebook account was a step out of the box, and joining another social networking site to them, would just be obscured.



I have just recently jumped on the Google+ bandwagon, and I know that I personally enjoy Facebook more because both sites are so similar and I am already comfortable with Facebook.  I also personally enjoy how many security options Facebook gives you compared to Google+.   I feel that Google+ is not as confidential as Facebook.   For example, to be friends with someone on Facebook, two people have to be in mutual consent.  One person adds the other as a friend, and that person then has the ability to accept the friend request or deny it.  However, with Google+ anyone can follow you, and then you have your own decision on who you want to follow.  This characteristic is very similar to twitter.  Given the fact that you can follow others who do not follow you, and vice versa.



All in all, Facebook has done a great job of staying on top of its game.  Although every time Facebook makes changes to its settings and layouts, people complain, yet nonetheless Facebook has more users then ever.


Listening to the Silence January 29, 2012

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In today’s society we are all so concerned with what celebrities are separating, what’s the newest iPhone and making sure to always have a connection to our email accounts, we tend to get lost in all of the “noise”. I’ll be the first to admit, when I accidently leave my phone at home for a day, I feel completely lost.  (How am I going to see my email, know what time it is, see my twitter updates, surf the web, text and make phone calls?)



After reading “The Joy of Quiet” by Pico Iyer my perspective began to change a bit.  There are very few times during the day when I personally am in complete silence.  Sure, when I hit the gym or go out for a run I never take my phone, however I always bring my iPod. (Even then I am surrounding myself with technology, not to mention most gyms have televisions hanging up on the walls, or installed on each treadmill.)



I recently had the opportunity of “listening to the silence,” so to say.  Last Tuesday I arrived to my class the same as I have done since the beginning of the semester.  Although this Tuesday was different, our Jesuit Professor told us we would be going and sitting in silence and then discussing it afterwards.



After sitting in silence for 20 minutes we had a class discussion on how we felt about the silence.  (In all honesty, I couldn’t even remember the last time I was silent for  even 10 minutes!)  Many people said that they did not enjoy it simply because they were thinking about everything else that they should be doing.  I was just like everyone else, and was sitting there planning out my entire day and what I needed to accomplish before I went to bed that night.



These 20 minutes felt as if it could have been an hour.  Although as our professor explained, a person has to take time to reflect.  I personally am going to try to do this; you can start with the small things, such as going for a run without your iPod or phone, or by even just closing the laptop and turning off the television for five minutes.



I think the author is on to something…. something that we should all try out!


My One Run-On January 23, 2012

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I can’t help but too be inspired by the video that author Daniel Pink created. However, the 21 years that I have been on this earth, I have never been asked to write just one sentence about myself! Sure, I’ve been asked to write lengthy stories or papers about myself, but never one sentence.  How do you sum up everything that you are, and everything that you strive to be, in just one simple condensed sentence?



As a college student we are asked to be a jack-of-all-trades.  We have to take classes that range from working with numbers, to distinguishing exactly what Aristotle meant in his writings, to knowing what was gained in each war.  So when I was asked to think of what I was good at, and one sentence that would sum up my life, I was taken back!  How could everything I have learned throughout my years of schooling, and everything that I have experienced be summed up into just a sentence?  And what exactly am I good at?  As college students we spread ourselves so thin trying to be involved and getting good grades we don’t necessarily focus and zoom in on what exactly is our strong areas and passions.



Although I wish I could just plagiarize the most common pageant girl answer of “achieving world peace,” I felt that I should really search further into myself and figure out exactly what I want to achieve.  As a soon to be college graduate, I would love to find a great job that I will love, travel the world, be self-sufficient and make a difference in someone’s life.  But how can I make this all apply to my one simple sentence? Well… after throwing around a few ideas, this is what I came up with.  (Although it may be the longest sentence I have ever put together!)



“If I can make the world a better place for even just one person, I will consider myself successful, but for now I am just taking it day by day.”



I feel that my sentence is one that I will constantly be changing, after all, aren’t we always changing?  As I grow and mold into the person I aspire to be, I believe my one sentence will too.