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SocialMedia4Life April 29, 2012

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First off, this class was awesome and I have learned so much! Although my friends may joke about me being a “Twitter Major,” I have learned so much more! I now know how to draw up a social media plan, check statistics and actually use my LinkedIn.



This class has been very useful in my attempt to find a job!  I now have a blog to showcase “writing samples,” I have a current LinkedIn to help connect with people just like me and I have a lot more experience with social media in general! My favorite part of this class was our visit to the Humane Society.  Not only was Bear the cutest dog on the planet, but I was able to see how a girl just like me, and who was once in my position, has made so much progress in her job and with what she does, simply because of social media! Needless to say, it was very inspiring.  One part of this class that I did not enjoy quite as much was Google+.  I feel that there was a reason it never boomed and took over Facebook like everyone originally anticipated.  Google+ seems harder to communicate with others, more cluttered and for lack of a better word…. “boring.”



Social media was always a class that I enjoyed attending. (Especially on Pie Day!)  I feel that this is a class I can apply to my everyday life, whether that is in my personal life or in the business world.   Lets be honest, when is someone in my future job going to come up to me and ask me when and where the Printing Press was invented? All in all, this was a very useful and fun class! Thanks Carol!


Google+ or Facebook? February 6, 2012

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When Google+ was first announced to the public, it was said to be the so-called “Facebook killer.”  So far, that hasn’t happened, but why is that?



It is apparent that both Google+ and Facebook share many similar qualities and characteristics to one another. Using both social networking sites you have the ability to create posts and leave comments on what others post, you have friends and acquaintances using both, and you can upload pictures to both Facebook and Google+.



Given the fact that both social networking sites are so similar, why has Facebook remained on top?  As a college student who has used Facebook for many years, I believe the reason is due to the fact that everyone is already comfortable with Facebook.  For some people creating a Facebook account was a step out of the box, and joining another social networking site to them, would just be obscured.



I have just recently jumped on the Google+ bandwagon, and I know that I personally enjoy Facebook more because both sites are so similar and I am already comfortable with Facebook.  I also personally enjoy how many security options Facebook gives you compared to Google+.   I feel that Google+ is not as confidential as Facebook.   For example, to be friends with someone on Facebook, two people have to be in mutual consent.  One person adds the other as a friend, and that person then has the ability to accept the friend request or deny it.  However, with Google+ anyone can follow you, and then you have your own decision on who you want to follow.  This characteristic is very similar to twitter.  Given the fact that you can follow others who do not follow you, and vice versa.



All in all, Facebook has done a great job of staying on top of its game.  Although every time Facebook makes changes to its settings and layouts, people complain, yet nonetheless Facebook has more users then ever.