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SocialMedia4Life April 29, 2012

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First off, this class was awesome and I have learned so much! Although my friends may joke about me being a “Twitter Major,” I have learned so much more! I now know how to draw up a social media plan, check statistics and actually use my LinkedIn.



This class has been very useful in my attempt to find a job!  I now have a blog to showcase “writing samples,” I have a current LinkedIn to help connect with people just like me and I have a lot more experience with social media in general! My favorite part of this class was our visit to the Humane Society.  Not only was Bear the cutest dog on the planet, but I was able to see how a girl just like me, and who was once in my position, has made so much progress in her job and with what she does, simply because of social media! Needless to say, it was very inspiring.  One part of this class that I did not enjoy quite as much was Google+.  I feel that there was a reason it never boomed and took over Facebook like everyone originally anticipated.  Google+ seems harder to communicate with others, more cluttered and for lack of a better word…. “boring.”



Social media was always a class that I enjoyed attending. (Especially on Pie Day!)  I feel that this is a class I can apply to my everyday life, whether that is in my personal life or in the business world.   Lets be honest, when is someone in my future job going to come up to me and ask me when and where the Printing Press was invented? All in all, this was a very useful and fun class! Thanks Carol!


Puppies Like Social Media Too! April 1, 2012

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When is the last time you saw a puppy post a tweet, or tag a picture on Facebook? Okay…well maybe they’re not the ones specifically using the computer, but the Humane Society in Omaha Nebraska is doing a wonderful job of finding homes for their animals, raising money and bringing awareness to the Human Society through social media.


The Humane Society brings attention to their animals by posting cute photos of them multiple times a day on Facebook and by posting “going home” videos on YouTube. The Humane society even interacts with their followers by having them re-post pictures or commenting on videos, and through re-tweeting.  The Humane Society also uses Twitter to bring attention to their animals that need a home.


Raising money for the Humane Society has also became more possible through social media.  People can donate directly through the site without having the hassle of stamps and letters being mailed.  It has proven to be more efficient to ask for donations of smaller amounts.  More people tend to be willing to donate if the amount being asked for is less then 10 dollars.


Through using social media, the Humane Society has been able to get themselves noticed more and able to find more homes for animals.  Some followers will follow their social media sites daily to see what pets are available or even just to see what animals have recently found a loving home.


Although all of this social media seems like a wonderful blessing to the Humane Society, there have been a few complications.  The new Facebook layout has made it harder for followers to interact on the Humane Society’s page.  When someone “likes” something on their page, it no longer shows up in the News Feed, which in turn draws less attention to their cause.  The Humane Society also has to be very careful when using pictures; only certain pictures are allowed to be “cover” photos.


All in all, social media has helped the Humane Society to expand their horizons.  Social media is very crucial in today’s business world, and I only see that continuing.