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Celebrity Status April 29, 2012

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More and more celebrities are investing a lot of time into social media.  Many of celebrities have thousands if not millions of Twitter followers and Facebook friends.  However, time isn’t the only thing celebrities are investing.  According to March Communications many celebrities are investing in social media sites and apps.



For instance, Justin Timberlake has recently purchased a portion on MySpace in hopes to turn around the social media site.  Along with Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga just paired up with Tomorrow Ventures to invest in Backplane, a company scheduled to launch at the end of August.  This social media site called Backplane is a “sort of social network for rabid fans of everything from football to pop music.” And we cannot forget about the king of Twitter, Mr. Ashton Kutcher.   Kutcher is an investor in Foursquare, an iPad app and Airbnb, a website that matches travelers looking for a cheap room with homeowners looking to rent.  These are just to name a few celebrities.  It has also been mentioned that the popular heartthrob Justin Bieber has also invested in various social media websites.  As well goes for his ever popular girlfriend Selena Gomez, has followed in his footsteps and has also been said to invest in a few current social media apps and sites.



Celebrities are very influential in today’s society, from everything that is fashionable clear down to what is acceptable to eat.  With all of these famous people investing into social media, there is no doubt that social media is here to stay.  (I’ll be very interested to see if Justin Timberlake is able to turn MySpace around!)



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First off, this class was awesome and I have learned so much! Although my friends may joke about me being a “Twitter Major,” I have learned so much more! I now know how to draw up a social media plan, check statistics and actually use my LinkedIn.



This class has been very useful in my attempt to find a job!  I now have a blog to showcase “writing samples,” I have a current LinkedIn to help connect with people just like me and I have a lot more experience with social media in general! My favorite part of this class was our visit to the Humane Society.  Not only was Bear the cutest dog on the planet, but I was able to see how a girl just like me, and who was once in my position, has made so much progress in her job and with what she does, simply because of social media! Needless to say, it was very inspiring.  One part of this class that I did not enjoy quite as much was Google+.  I feel that there was a reason it never boomed and took over Facebook like everyone originally anticipated.  Google+ seems harder to communicate with others, more cluttered and for lack of a better word…. “boring.”



Social media was always a class that I enjoyed attending. (Especially on Pie Day!)  I feel that this is a class I can apply to my everyday life, whether that is in my personal life or in the business world.   Lets be honest, when is someone in my future job going to come up to me and ask me when and where the Printing Press was invented? All in all, this was a very useful and fun class! Thanks Carol!


Timely Timelines April 16, 2012

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Timelines are helpful in being organized and completing a goal.  After recently reading the master of social media ROI, Olivier Blanchard and his advice on timelines, I have been able to see how crucial a social media plan is.



When implementing a social media plan using a timeline has proven to be very helpful.  A timeline gives you guidelines of when things need to be done, and what it is that needs to be done.  It is a helpful way of organizing your goals.



For our final social media project we have chosen to use Theta Phi Alpha sorority and set up a social media plan and timeline for the sorority.  We have set up our timeline into 3 months and what will be accomplished during each month.  After reading this article, it is apparent that the final project needs to go into more depth on what will be accomplished each and every day.



In order to make this plan work, the timeline must be followed to a tea.  There must be a plan; a team and action must be taken.   By implementing a plan for the women of Theta Phi Alpha we are hoping to help their social media in many ways.  We are asking them to create a blog that will link back to both their Twitter and Facebook, and we are also asking them to use and become more familiar with Instagram and Pinterest.  Social media is constantly changing and in order to stay current you have to be able to change with it.


Puppies Like Social Media Too! April 1, 2012

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When is the last time you saw a puppy post a tweet, or tag a picture on Facebook? Okay…well maybe they’re not the ones specifically using the computer, but the Humane Society in Omaha Nebraska is doing a wonderful job of finding homes for their animals, raising money and bringing awareness to the Human Society through social media.


The Humane Society brings attention to their animals by posting cute photos of them multiple times a day on Facebook and by posting “going home” videos on YouTube. The Humane society even interacts with their followers by having them re-post pictures or commenting on videos, and through re-tweeting.  The Humane Society also uses Twitter to bring attention to their animals that need a home.


Raising money for the Humane Society has also became more possible through social media.  People can donate directly through the site without having the hassle of stamps and letters being mailed.  It has proven to be more efficient to ask for donations of smaller amounts.  More people tend to be willing to donate if the amount being asked for is less then 10 dollars.


Through using social media, the Humane Society has been able to get themselves noticed more and able to find more homes for animals.  Some followers will follow their social media sites daily to see what pets are available or even just to see what animals have recently found a loving home.


Although all of this social media seems like a wonderful blessing to the Humane Society, there have been a few complications.  The new Facebook layout has made it harder for followers to interact on the Humane Society’s page.  When someone “likes” something on their page, it no longer shows up in the News Feed, which in turn draws less attention to their cause.  The Humane Society also has to be very careful when using pictures; only certain pictures are allowed to be “cover” photos.


All in all, social media has helped the Humane Society to expand their horizons.  Social media is very crucial in today’s business world, and I only see that continuing.


Social Media for Good February 20, 2012

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Being fluent in the language of social media is crucial in today’s current society.  Social Media is


used for an array of different things, such as; advertising, promotions and personal use.  Social


Media for Good helped small businesses and employees to learn and become more comfortable


with social media.



Attendees were able to ask questions to well qualified social media enthusiasts.  This was helpful


for attendees to see how social media is beneficial to them and their everyday lives.  (Both business


and even personal.) They also had the opportunity to get personal help from everything such as


getting started, to perfecting their social media skills.



It was interesting to hear how small businesses have been able to expand their business through


social media.   One company for example gets most of its “hype” through twitter and their Facebook


page.  This is something that you would have never heard of in the past.



It seems as though every business is jumping on the social media “bandwagon.”  So much so, that


it is almost necessary to know social media.  Even our parents who were not raised using social


media, must now be fluent in the social media language.  There is a growing amount of parents on


Facebook, twitter and many others.