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SocialMedia4Life April 29, 2012

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First off, this class was awesome and I have learned so much! Although my friends may joke about me being a “Twitter Major,” I have learned so much more! I now know how to draw up a social media plan, check statistics and actually use my LinkedIn.



This class has been very useful in my attempt to find a job!  I now have a blog to showcase “writing samples,” I have a current LinkedIn to help connect with people just like me and I have a lot more experience with social media in general! My favorite part of this class was our visit to the Humane Society.  Not only was Bear the cutest dog on the planet, but I was able to see how a girl just like me, and who was once in my position, has made so much progress in her job and with what she does, simply because of social media! Needless to say, it was very inspiring.  One part of this class that I did not enjoy quite as much was Google+.  I feel that there was a reason it never boomed and took over Facebook like everyone originally anticipated.  Google+ seems harder to communicate with others, more cluttered and for lack of a better word…. “boring.”



Social media was always a class that I enjoyed attending. (Especially on Pie Day!)  I feel that this is a class I can apply to my everyday life, whether that is in my personal life or in the business world.   Lets be honest, when is someone in my future job going to come up to me and ask me when and where the Printing Press was invented? All in all, this was a very useful and fun class! Thanks Carol!


Social Media for Good February 20, 2012

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Being fluent in the language of social media is crucial in today’s current society.  Social Media is


used for an array of different things, such as; advertising, promotions and personal use.  Social


Media for Good helped small businesses and employees to learn and become more comfortable


with social media.



Attendees were able to ask questions to well qualified social media enthusiasts.  This was helpful


for attendees to see how social media is beneficial to them and their everyday lives.  (Both business


and even personal.) They also had the opportunity to get personal help from everything such as


getting started, to perfecting their social media skills.



It was interesting to hear how small businesses have been able to expand their business through


social media.   One company for example gets most of its “hype” through twitter and their Facebook


page.  This is something that you would have never heard of in the past.



It seems as though every business is jumping on the social media “bandwagon.”  So much so, that


it is almost necessary to know social media.  Even our parents who were not raised using social


media, must now be fluent in the social media language.  There is a growing amount of parents on


Facebook, twitter and many others.